Basic Handcuffing & Aerosol Restraint Spray Course

Although Handcuffs and Aerosol Restraint spray are among the most often used tool by law enforcement and, under certain guidelines, Security Supervisor’s and Security Guards, training is severely lacking.

The BSI Handcuff and Aerosol Restraint spray course is a 5 hour basic certification focusing on the security guard industry. Although security guards are not required to make an arrest, security guards assigned to an active post may find themselves in a situation where they are required to take a criminal into custody, use force or defend themselves. For liability reasons, a security officer that has been trained in handcuffing and aerosol restraint techniques and then is forced to make an arrest always looks better before a court than an officer that has never been trained.

Although the course is mainly geared to “compliance, “hands on” training is required. In addition classroom topics include Inspection and Maintenance, How to properly handle your cuffs & aerosol restraint spray, Application and Removal, Deployment and Decontamination, Law, Guidelines and Restrictions as well as Safe Approach and Positioning.

Basic Handcuffing Course $130.00

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