LITC/BSI Institute

Defensive Driving

The Long Island Training Center, which offers the NTSI (National Traffic Safety
Institute) approved defensive driving program, is one of the surest ways to
take advantage of safe driving approaches. The innovative course helps drivers
improve their basic driving skills and addresses driving dangers and hazards.

Our courses are anchored in teaching personal accountability through an interactive
curriculum with focuses on behavior modification.

Many participants use a defensive driving course to reduce insurance premiums as
well as points on their driving record.

Beyond the usually court appointed or voluntary participation, many businesses may
require employees to compete a defensive driver course to ensure the right
exposure to the rules and attitudes that aid in defensive driving techniques.


Questions & Answers

After completing the course, how do I receive insurance reduction?

Shortly after completing the course, you will receive your completion certificate.  Present it to
your insurance company or agent for your liability, no-fault and collision premium discounts. 

How do I have the DMV points removed.

The instructor will automatically notify the DMV that you have completed a course.  A course
notation will be entered on your record in the DMV computer.  When the course completion notation goes on your DMV record,
the computer automatically subtracts up to 4 pointsThe course completion notation and point reduction are listed on printed copies of your driving record.

What is the benefit toward my savings?

After presenting your completion certificate to your insurance company or agent, you will receive a %10 insurance reduction for three (3) years, in the base rate of your liability, no-fault and collision premiums.